Advice to parents, sleep disorders in children

Put baby in the crib still asleep, but tired . Parents should try to put your baby to sleep when he has not had time to sleep. Before going to sleep, feed the baby, however, do not let him sleep when he suckles, or holding in the mouth a bottle. It is necessary that the child is tired, but still awake, so he developed the habit of falling asleep himself. It is hoped that he will do the same when I Wake up at night.

Encourage the habit of the child to comfort himself . Babies are getting used to associate certain procedures falling asleep. Often sleep is accompanied by the fact that the parents holding them, rocking or singing lullabies. The fact that we are genetically designed so that fall asleep only when we feel safe in. For many children safety means the closeness of the parents. That's why babies and children only just learning to walk, waking up in the night crying.

The child is immersed in a deep sleep for a period from one to three hours, and a normal Wake-up time occurs after the first sleep cycle. But now it has not swayed, and the child begins to cry and shout. The problem is that the child gets used to rely on the sickness as a means of consolation. Of course, near the middle of the night no parents who could rock him, not to mention the fact that parents are simply Continue reading

The Child is not sleeping during the day – Children and all about them

Baby does not sleep during the day

For many moms day dream of a child – a rare opportunity to be alone with yourself, to do your chores, or just relax. But it is not a secret that not many children go during the day in bed with such gusto as adults.

Is it good or bad? And why do we need NAPs? Today I will tell you about why the child does not want to sleep during the day, at what age it is normal, and what actions should be taken, and what to do if a baby has day and night mixed up.

Whether to sound the alarm if the child refuses to sleep during the day?

It all depends on how old your kid is and how he sleeps at night. The problem of lack of daytime sleep is not only that the mother is deprived of a few hours to spare. You have probably noticed that, if during the day a small child will not sleep, then in the evening he becomes lethargic, irritable, capricious or without.

Lack of sleep can actually lead to reduced attention and even deterioration of the immune system . Pediatricians recommend to stick to the routine, day-dream until the age of six, but in practice the child may start to act up during "quiet time" after the age of three, even if his body and the sleeping conditions are all right. For example, because of a mere protest Continue reading

About children’s greed

In the period of early childhood is dominated subject-manipulative activities. When a child interacts with objects, he learns not only their properties but also their own capabilities and abilities. Thus is formed and the image of himself, the image of "I". The development of self-awareness, a sense of themselves as individuals is closely linked to the emergence of a sense of ownership. A child sees your stuff as a part of himself, his image. Therefore, any infringement on the property meets the "battle."

The child defines the concept of "their" things, if he interacts with them. For example: mom and baby are on a walk or game center, and the child took some things from those offered for the game, if for him to step up and take these things, he will soprotivljatsa and to defend their own right to them (although they do not belong to him). On this basis, the kids take their favorite toys from others – so they are trying to do these things "publish" and declare their right to them.

Anyone familiar picture: the kid doesn't want to give the toy to someone else, but the parents insist: "you Have to share! Are you stingy? Continue reading

What is domestic violence?

Types of child abuse and the impact on children.

1. Physical abuse - actions or lack of action on the part of parents or other adults, resulting in physical or mental health of a child is violated or is under threat of damage. For example, corporal punishment, palm strikes, kicks, scratching, burns, strangulation, rough grabbing, pushing, spitting, the use of a stick, belt, knife, gun, etc.

Impact on the child (behavioral and psychological indicators):

if damaged any organs of the body are disturbances in the senses, developmental delay, inactivity;

children may become aggressive, anxious that affects their relationship with other people;

can be extremely shy, incurious, to avoid peers, fear of adults and only play with younger children rather than peers;

fear of physical contact, fear of going home;

anxiety, crying when other children tics, thumb sucking, rocking.

Medical indicators of physical child abuse:

Wounds and bruising:

different in time of occurrence;

- in different parts of the body (e.g., back and chest at the same time);

- unknown origin;

- have the special form of the subject Continue reading

Unconditional love (experience of readers)

Dear Sergey. Many years ago I wanted to read your book " diagnostics of karma", but what that force is not allowed. but finally I read it! Thank you very much. that. what resonated in my soul. after that. as I have been looking for materials. to help myself. I cried after reading the book. Thank you for the tremendous work that you perform.

Natalia wrote:

Thank You very much. Your books just turned my perception of life and helped in time of need. If not for You, don't know how to live further. You taught me to enjoy life in this world.

Hello, dear Sergey!

I would like to share your experience. Probably will not turn out very briefly, but I will describe everything in detail. I have read all Your books, now read the last ( 6th part of the "survival Experience ").

In the letter, "How to feel the connection with God" I read exactly what came recently.

But let's start in order. I had a lot of problems, shoveled from the bottom. And so it came to the topic of lust. Very long searched for how to deal with it and finally got it. As You said, what a Great post in 2012 is very important, I decided to reinforce the result of fasting. After about 2 weeks of fasting, I find out that I was pregnant. Under the pressure of loved ones, post (in food) had to stop gradually. But I tried in dress and behavior to restrain lust.

About Continue reading

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